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Microtronix is a full service product development company offering hardware and software design services tailored to quickly get new products to the marketplace. For over 25 years, Microtronix has empowered customers worldwide with custom networking communications and video products. Today, Microtronix continues to apply their proven engineering practices and expertise in developing innovative embedded solutions using system-on-chip technology, FPGA IP cores and printed circuit boards.


Microtronix offers our embedded engineering design services either on an hourly basis, or a fixed price quotation. Design solutions are engineered to be cost effective with the goal to exceed customer requirements for service, quality and function.


Norman McCall

Vic Phillips



Norman McCall is President and CTO of Microtronix. He joined the company in 1988 as a Senior Design Engineer. His career has progressed through various roles including Project Manager, Quality Manager and R&D Manager. He has an excellent background in software and hardware design engineering, manufacturing of electronics, sales and administration. His leadership and vision has enabled the company to grow into new fields of embedded technology including Telecom Management Systems and advanced memory controller IP cores targeted at the needs of high performance video systems.

Senior Software Specialist – Datacom


Vic Phillips joined Microtronix in 1982 as software engineer and is now one of our key Senior Software Specialists on our datacom products and our IP Telephony and related VoIP products Vic has an extensive background in all aspects of X.25 WAN and TCP data communications. He has experience in both commercial and proprietary Real Time Operating Systems and Linux kernel development. He is the software team leader responsible for the development of our Telcom product solutions, including; Lucent 3a Replacement Translator, AMA Collector Manager, X.25 - TCP/IP Gateway and MWI UniCom SMDI/SIP Router.

Ken Hill

Paul Ordas

Senior Embedded Design Specialist


Ken Hill is the Senior Embedded Design Specialist and expert in Linux operating systems.  Having joined Microtronix in 1987 he developed the original Packet Assembler and Disassembler (PAD) and Switch product line and co-developed most of the X.25 protocol stacks used in the current Gateway products.  In addition, Ken has also written low-level drivers for PCI, PCI Express, Ethernet and other hardware devices.

Senior Hardware Design Engineer


Paul Ordas joined Microtronix in 2012 as a Senior Hardware Engineer in our FPGA products group. Paul has strong background in hardware engineering including high-speed PCB design, embedded software and IP development. He is the hardware team leader responsible for the development of our FPGA product solutions.

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