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  • Are there any royalty fees for the use of an IP Core?

    There is no royalty fees associated with the use of the IP core in a customer's products. If your IP solution incorporates Microtronix an IP Core and is sold to a third party as IP for incorporation into their product they are required to purchase their own IP Core license.

  • Do you support 240 VAC input?

    Yes, we support 220 VAC power input.

  • Do you support DP3000?

    DP3000 is Datapac 3000 X.25 service, and yes we support X.25 user data and facilities.

  • Does the Multi-port SDRAM IP Core require the use of dedicated IO pins?

    The core requires use of the dedicated DQS for DDR/DDR2 memory only. Unlike most cores, the controller can use any bank of IO for the memory interface. The dedicated DQ IO pins are not required by the data, address and chip select signals.

  • Does your SDRAM Controller support multiple banks of memory?

    The current version of the memory controller supports wider memory configurations. Unfortunately it doesn't support deeper memory schemes. The controller has only one chip select. The number of devices parameter found in the SOPC Builder GUI is used in DDR mode for the DQS capture scheme. Future releases of the memory controller may support multiple chip selects.

  • How do I install a Microtronix IP Core license?

    • Run the Altera Quartus II program and from the menu select > Tools > License Setup. This menu gives the location of the folder and name of the master license file used by Quartus. Please see example screen shot below
    • Open this license file with a text editor (i.e. Notepad).
    • In a separate text editor window, open the license_filename.dat file provided by Microtronix.
    • Select all of the text in the Microtronix license file.
    • Paste this text into the Altera license file at the end of the file.
    • Save this file and close the text editor.
    • Return to Quartus and start your project.


    For more information view: Altera Software Licensing

  • How do I obtain an evaluation copy of an IP core?

    Microtronix provides a 30-day OpenCorePlus IP core to qualified requests. Complete the Contact Us request form with all of the specified information fields. Provide either your NIC or Guard ID and we will provide the required license file. The files are provided via FTP.

  • How do I specify more than one license location?

    To set the LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable in the Windows NT system control panel, perform the following steps:

    • On the Windows Start menu, choose Settings, then choose Control Panel.
    • Double-click the System icon in the Control Panel window.
    • Click the Environment tab in the System Properties dialog box.
    • Click the System Variable list to highlight it.
    • Type LM_LICENSE_FILE in the Variable box.
    • Type license.dat or @ in the Value box.


    To specify more than one license location with the LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable, modify the existing LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable and separate the different paths with semicolons (;), as shown in the following example:


    • Click Set, then click OK.
  • How to get the IP Core License Agreement?

    The licence agreement is bundled with each IP Core product. The standard License Agreement is available from the Download Area.

    Click to view Standard IP Core License Agreement

  • What's the difference between Access 9000 and Access 3000?

    The software is identical.

    • The 3000 has 1 RS232/V.35 port capable of 2Mbps, 1 RS232 port @ 64Kbps, no expansion ports
    • The 9000 has 2 RS232/V.35 ports capable of 2Mbps, 8 or 16 expansion ports (RS232 only)
  • What's the maximum packet size in XOT configuration?

    The default setting supports packet sizes up to 1024. However, we are capable of supporting packet sizes up to 4096. This option is available upon request.

  • What's the maximum speed for RS232 ports?

    The maximum speed for RS232 ports is 64Kbps.

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