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SDI Video Overlay Products

Our SDI HD video overlay products are tailored to broadcast, commercial and semi-professional (prosumer) applications requiring superior quality and high reliability. Our products offer the maximum number of features in a single package while giving the user the full flexibility to configure the unit to specific application requirements.

  • DX-4400 SD/HD/2K/4K-SDI Text & Graphics Inserter with PIP OSD & SDI Loop Output

    DX-4400 SD/HD/2K/4K-SDI Text & Graphics Inserter with PIP OSD & SDI Loop Output


    The DX-4400 is a high performance low latency single/dual input SD/HD/2K/4K-SDI Video Text and Graphics Overlay Inserter supporting alpha blended text overlay / on screen display (OSD) on progressive, progressive segmented frame (PsF) and interlaced SD, HD, FHD, 2K and Cinema 4K video formats.


    An integrated ARM SoC supports enhanced text, image and graphics overlay, line/circle drawing and rotations. Up to 1,000 independent text fields, images and graphic elements can be overlaid (inserted) onto the video stream. An extensive command set allows for full control of size, font type, color, position, background color and full transparency control. The overlay data and user commands are delivered to the unit through the RS-232 (DB9 or USB) serial ports or via Ethernet.  


    The product passes all video content* (on the primary video input) including audio channels and embedded metadata. Either SDI input can be used for PIP and for a scaled dual (side-by-side) display. Secondary SDI outputs provide a clean loop pass-thru output of each input.

    Modes of Operation

    The unit has five(*) user selectable Modes of operation, each offering a different set of features and functionalities.

    *Note: Based on customer feedback, additional Modes of operation are being added via firmware updates.

    Dual Channel Text & Graphics Overlay Inserter

    In this mode the product provides 2 video channels with separate text and graphics overlays for each channel. Each channel supports the SD, HD, and 3G video resolutions (listed below) complete with ancillary data pass through.

    Low Latrency Dual Channel Text & Graphics Overlay Inserter

    This mode also offers a low latency setting in which the video path has less than one frame of delay. In this configuration, zoom, Alpha Blending and PiP functions are not supported.

    Zoom Dual Channel Text & Graphics Overlay Inserter

    This offers a zoom control for each channel for progressive video formats at SD, HD & FHD video resolutions. Ancillary data pass-through is not supported.

    Text & Graphics Overlay Inserter with PiP

    This mode provides a single text inserter with a main input and a secondary input. Both inputs have scaling capabilities to allow for use as Picture in Picture (PiP), split screen or side by side configurations. The unit has a single text and graphics overlay and supports the SD, HD, and 3G modes listed in the product specifications. Ancillary data from input 1 passes through the unit to the output.

    4K Dual Link Text & Graphics Overlay Inserter

    The unit provides a text and graphics overlay inserter for one channel of 4K video transported in the SMPTE dual-link mode of operation. Ancillary data pass through is not supported.

    Note, 4K support is a product license upgrade to the base product.

    Key Features

    • Supports live text insertion on interlaced, progressive segmented frame (PsF) and progressive video streams
    • SDI video overlay of text, images and software generated graphics
    • Alpha blending overlay of text, image and graphics fields
    • Dynamic positioning and rotation of overlay fields
    • Supports text scrolling and crawling for news-feed applications
    • Scaling of text and graphic images
    • Integrated real-time clock with support for NTP & PTP time protocols for time & date applicatons
    • Output video clock frequency is locked to input
    • User configuration of frame delay from 1-20 frames
    • Digital zoom (video scaling) of PiP input
    • Video frame capture 
    • Supports the Qt Meta Language (QML) for enhancing user interface-centric applications

    • Supported Video Formats

      SD, HD and 2K SDI:

    • NTSC 480i @ 29.97 frames per sec (fps)
    • PAL 576i @ 25 fps
    • 720p @ 25 / 29.97 / 30 / 50 / 59.94 / 60 fps
    • 1080i & 1080 PsF @ 23.97 / 24 / 25 / 29.97 / 30 /50 /60 fps
    • 1920x1080p @ 23.98 / 24 / 25 / 29.97 / 30 / 50 / 60fps
    • 2048x1080p @ 23.98 / 24 / 25 / 29.97 / 30 / 50 fps
    • 4K SDI:

    • 3840x2160p @ 23.97 / 24 / 25 / 29.97 / 30 fps
    • 4096x2160p @ 23.97 / 24 / 25 / 29.97 / 30 fps
    •     *Note, 4K support is a product upgrade to the base product.  

      Video Ports

    • Two 75Ω SD – 3G SDI inputs
    • Two 75Ω SD – 3G SDI overlay outputs
    • Two 75Ω SD – 3G SDI Loop pass-thru outputs
    • Other User Port Interfaces

    • RS-232 DB9 Serial & USB Serial
    • USB OTG & Ethernet
    • Other Features

    • Supports* ancillary and VBI content including audio channels and embedded metadata on the main SDI feed
    • Optional VBI line insertion capability. (Contact Microtronix Sales with your application requirements.)
    • Micro SD card storage of user configuration, text fields, images (PNG, JPG, JPEG, BMP etc.) and graphic elements
    • Auto system recovery after power-off
    • Firmware upgradable via serial or Ethernet ports
    •     *Note, not all features are supported across all video formats.

      Power & Mechanical

    • Power Adapter: regulated 12VDC @ 2.5A 110/240VAC adapter
    • Mechanical: 172mm x 146mm x 38mm (DxWxH)

    Product Customization

    Microtronix provides product customizations and engineering design services to support your system integration requirements. Contact Microtronix Sales today with a block diagram of your setup and a brief outline description of your design requirements.

    Product Warranty

    • 1-year factory replacement policy

    Compass & graticule graphics on screen display (OSD)

    Sample of graticule overlay on screen display 

    GPS and time - text & graphic overlay on screen display (OSD)

    Sample of text and graphic overlay on screen display 

    Sample of DX-4400 text styles

    Sample of DX-4400 text styles 

    Applications include:

    • Broadcast facilities 
    • Professional video recording systems
    • Live SD/HD/FHD/2K/4K information systems 
    • Embedded real-time video applications:
      1. Military displays,
      2. Scientific, T&M data collection and transportation system,
      3. GPS, NTP/PTP clock and graphic overlay applications, and
      4. Weather / sport information system.

    Application Example

    The unit is designed for use in broadcast, professional video recording, information displays, surveillance, security and embedded applications requiring live text insertion with no degradation of the video content.

    Graphic overlay of computer generated information

    Computer Graphics Overlay example 

    Scrolling / crawling newsfeed text with time, date and logo overlay

    The following example uses QML scripting to overlay time, date and a scrolling newsfeed from a RSS source. A graphic logo is also displayed in the top right corner.


    Scrolling / crawling newsfeed overlay example 

    OEM Embedded Applications

    The product is optionally available to OEM’s as an open frame printed circuit board for incorporation into embedded video systems. Contact Microtronix Sales  for pricing and availability.

    Product Customizations

    Product customizations and feature enhancements are available. Contact Microtronix Sales today with your application requirements.

    The DX-4400 product includes:
    • DX-4400 -  SDI Text & Graphic Overlay Inserter product 
    • 120/240VAC - 12VDC/2.5A Power Adapter
    • USB 2.0 to DB9 RS-232 Serial Port Adapter Kit
    • Micro-SD card
    • User Manual (on CD)

    Ordering Information

    • PN: DX-4400-TI-2K; SD/HD/2K-SDI Text & Graphic Inserter with PIP OSD & SDI Loop Output with 2K support
    • PN: DX-4400-TI-4K; SD/HD/4K-SDI Text & Graphic Inserter with PIP OSD, SDI Loop Output with 2K & 4K support (firmware)

    Additional Images

    DX-4400 SD/HD/2K/4K-SDI Text & Graphics Inserter with PIP OSD & SDI Loop OutputDX-4400 SD/HD/2K/4K-SDI Text & Graphics Inserter with PIP OSD & SDI Loop Output

    Ordering Information

    Part Number: DX-4400-TI-2K
    MSRP: $1,795.00 USD
    Add 4K video support

    Contact Microtronix Sales for current pricing.



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