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HSMC Daughter Card Solutions

HSMC daughter cards for Altera FPGA development boards.

  • Gigabit Ethernet PHY-HDMI Transmitter HSMC Daughter Card

    Gigabit Ethernet PHY-HDMI Transmitter HSMC Daughter Card


    • Ethernet Triple Speed (10/100/1000 Mbps) PHY
    • Deep Color HMDI 1.3 Transmitter
    • HSMC compatible daughter card


    The Microtronix Gigabit Ethernet PHY / HDMI Transmitter HSMC Daughter Card adds functionality to the ViClaro III, the Altera EP3C120 Development Kit or other third party FPGA development boards with a HSMC header.

    The Marvell 88E1111 Gigabit Ethernet PHY is fully compatible with Altera's Triple Speed Ethernet MAC IP. It can be used for building embedded Nios systems or for supporting Video-Over-IP applications.

    The HSMC card provides 12-bit Deep Color 1.3 HMDI Transmitter using the Analog Devices ADV7510 video chip. It is ideal for developing high resolution 1080p systems for entertainment, DVD players/recorders and digital set top boxes.

    A TI CDCE925 dual programmable PLL frequency synthesizer is used to generate stable and finely grained clocks required to support a wide range of video resolution and modes of operation.

    Reference Design

    • Video test pattern generation

    Kit Contents:

    • Gigabit Ethernet PHY-HDMI 1.3 Transmitter HSMC Daughter Card
    • Installation CD with Reference Designs

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    MSRP: $395.00 USD



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