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Technical Support


Microtronix is fully committed to providing a superior level of technical support to our customers. Therefore, most products include one hour of Technical Support to resolve installation problems or aid in unit configuration. These installation technical support hours expire 45-days after delivery of the product to the customer. After this period, to receive Technical Support customers are required to purchase a Technical Support Contract as listed below.


Microtronix provides supports services through a variety of channels including; on-line help desk, email, phone, or in person on-site at the customer's premises.


Technical Support Contracts

Microtronix technical support staff have a reputation for providing timely and informative solutions to customer questions regarding use and configuration of our products. Technical Support Contracts are available for:

  • Electronic (email) service requests
  • Phone service requests
  • Extended installation support
  • On-site technical support


Purchase a Technical Support Contract

Technical Support

North American

Head Office:


126-4056 Meadowbrook Drive

London, Ontario


Toll-Free: +1 888 690-0091

Tel: +1 519 690-0091

Fax: +1 519 690-0092

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