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Network Application: X.25 to TCP/IP integration


Customer Goal

Off-load call billing and call roaming communications from an outdated Autotel network to Microtronix Access Gateway IP based network solution.

Upgrade radio tower network infrastructure.

Experience NO loss of 911 emergency and communication services to 60,000 subscribers.

Realize cost savings of monthly leasing & maintenance fees associated with legacy infrastructure.



Deploy Microtronix Access 3000 and 9000 X.25 - TCP/IP Gateway network hardware to support billing, call roaming, integrating, and administering IP services across the legacy network. Microtronix engineering consulting services provided a comprehensive gateway solution to migrate from X.25 networking to TCP/IP networking with seamless integration.



Elimination of outdated systems

Centralized network for billing and call roaming;

Increased efficiency and productivity;

Smooth cut-over to Microtronix Access X.25/TCP Gateway

Retaining current infrastructure to minimize cost of upgrade



“The Microtronix Access 3000 is a complete solution for the X25 issue for Autotel. We have completed our testing and found that we will be able to configure into a pre-cut stage and cut PVC's and SVC's onto an IP network as necessary to maintain complete integrity, with little or no impact to normal operations while merging off the DATAPAC network, and onto the Microtronix IP based network. Upon completion, we will have a much more versatile network with greater network control and visibility.”


Mr. Fred Carey,

TELUS Communications

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